How To Sell Digital Products on Etsy?

How To Sell Digital Products on Etsy

Are you looking for a way to make extra income from home as an Etsy seller? Are you a brand-new Etsy seller who wants to know how to sell products on Etsy? Do you want to become successful e-commerce or internet entrepreneur, but aren’t sure how to get started? You’re at the right place. This guide will help you learn how to sell digital products on Etsy in real life.

Why Sell Digital Products on Etsy?

You’re probably wondering why you should sell digital products on Etsy?

Well, that’s a great question.

Etsy is a vast market. There are currently over 200 million buyers on Etsy, and those buyers are eager to buy your products.

Etsy also hosts the files for you and will send the files to your customers. Once they’ve bought your product. This means that you don’t need to worry about setting up your online store to sell digital items. They also handle all the payment processing for you. Which reduces the hassle and makes it super easy for you to get started.

Etsy is also geared towards beginners and it’s super easy to start. You can nail it without the experience or technical knowledge.

If you want to set up your online store, then it can be difficult and expensive (especially in the beginning). Luckily, Etsy has already built a great user base and has made it cheap to get started. All you need is time to create your digital products and list them on Etsy, and then you can start making money!

Etsy might be a good option for you because it’s very beginner friendly for new sellers. They have great tutorials and forums to help you understand every step of the process. From deciding what to sell to understanding taxes. They also provide various features like shipping labels and pricing optimization. That can make your life easier, especially in the beginning.

What Kind of Digital Products Sell on Etsy?

Digital products are a great way to get started on Etsy. They’re often the cheapest, and they take up no physical space. For example, there are digital Snapchat filters, bottle wrappers, banners, favor tags, digital invites, printable signs, art, PDFs for patterns or planners, and printable stickers. All these are digital products you can sell on Etsy.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to sell on Etsy, this is a good place to start. Create something using your computer or smartphone that people might buy. It’s easy!

What are Evergreen Digital Products to Sell on Etsy?

Evergreen is a term used to describe products that sell throughout the year. If you were to sell photos on Etsy, then that could be considered an evergreen product. Baby products are also evergreen.

A seasonal product has a certain time during the year that it sells well. For example, if you sell Christmas decorations on Etsy. This would be a seasonal product as you will only make money at Christmas time.

It’s always good to have evergreen products in your shop. As they will boost your sales throughout the year no matter what season it is. This way you can guarantee that you will make money every month and not at certain times of the year.

Baby products are evergreen as there is always a baby being born somewhere. And parents want special gifts for their babies. However, other products such as Halloween costumes would be non-evergreen products. As they are only popular around Halloween time.

How Can I Make Digital Downloads for Etsy?

Making digital downloads is the most convenient way of selling your products on Etsy. This is because you don’t have to send anything to your customer once they make the purchase. They simply download the file from a link that you send them.

There are several tools that can be used for this purpose. Depending on what you want to sell and how advanced you are at using the software.

The easiest tool that I would recommend for beginners is Canva. An intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to get started. You can make all sorts of graphics with it, such as web banners and even infographics.

For more advanced users, Adobe Illustrator will be a better option. Since it provides more flexibility in terms of what you can do with your design. But, it is also harder to learn how to use and may take some time before you get familiarized with its features.

Etsy sellers may now sell e-books, which are another form of digital goods. You can use MS Word or any other word processor program to create them!

How to Sell My Digital Products on Etsy?

Step 1: Open a shop

The first step is to open a shop on Etsy. Then, create your first product listing.

If you have never sold things online before, you may find it intimidating. Don’t worry—Etsy makes it very easy to start selling, and we’ve got your back every step of the way.

Provide a shop name for Etsy. Then you can choose your currency and your location, and decide on how you want to be paid for your products.

Step 2: Create a listing

In the upper right corner of your Etsy page, click “Sell on Etsy” and then select “Your Shop” from the drop-down menu. On the next page, scroll down until you see “Listings” and click on it. Then it will take you to a page where you can create a new listing. Now click on the green button with an image of a plus sign inside at the upper left of the page.

Step 3: Add relevant images of your products

Since it is not a physical product you cannot simply snap a photo from your smartphone. However, you can create amazing graphics for your listing using Canva. You can use pre-made templates for your product listing images.

Step 4: Get free traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best free sources to get traffic to your new Etsy store. It is great for giving your new Etsy store a boost. But don’t make it your only marketing channel and diversify into other channels as soon as you can.

When selling digital products on Etsy, how much money can you expect to make?

The truth is, there are so many factors involved in making money with your digital products. It can be nearly impossible to say for sure how much money you’ll make from selling them online.

How much money you can reasonably expect to earn on Etsy depends largely upon how well your products are received by your target audience. That all depends on the quality of your product, the price you set for it, and how well-crafted your listing is.

It also depends on how many positive ratings you have on your profile. It is a known fact that any kind of social proof works great on potential buyers. Create high quality products and ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

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Final Thought

The key to selling digital products on Etsy is maintaining a good rating. You want your consumers to give you a high rating. This makes it easier for things to be sold. When starting with Etsy it is good to test the waters and see if your products sell well. If so then expand your inventory and create a new listing for the item under a different title. That includes keywords from the search terms and brings people to your product page.

Etsy can be an excellent marketplace to sell your digital products. Once you figure out the right combination of design, price, and marketing. It can start making money, even if you’re all alone. But keep in mind that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and to have realistic expectations. Most important, though, is to have fun in the process!

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