How To Make Money From Blog Within 6 Months?

How To Make Money From Blog Within 6 Months

You’ve written this question a zillion times…and you’ve read a zillion advice on How to make money from blog within 6 months! You’re completely lost as to where to begin.

In order to help you get started. I’d like to share some simple and innovative ideas for generating traffic. That it makes money within 6 months from starting.

Some of these tactics for increasing blog traffic are widely used. However they are not always implemented in the most effective manner.

There are numerous ways to generate income for your blog within 6 months. But we will be discussing only the ones that I find the most effective.

Let us get started.

7 Methods To Make Money From Blog Within 6 Months

1. Facebook Group Technique

You set up a professional profile. I urge that you use your genuine first and last names if at all feasible. Because Facebook is on a witch hunt and has a tendency to question your identification. Much like a zealous police officer.

However, if you are extremely concerned about your identity being revealed. And wish to keep some sort of secrecy, then use your first name and your blog name as the last name.

In this particular instance, do not behave in a spammy manner. Instead use the strategy that I will demonstrate below:

  • Once your profile has been built. Begin by optimising it and making it visible to the public.
  • Then ask folks who already have thousands of friends to become your friends. They are easily persuaded (their goal is the same as yours).
  • Then go to the groups and pages that correspond to your niche and invite members and active people to join. Start sharing your content, and avoid serial clicking at all costs. To begin, try 5 groups a day for a week, then 10, and so on.
  • Soon you will be able to generate a following for you, which you could convert them to your blog. This method may take some time but will definitely get you results.

2. Generate Traffic with LinkedIn Articles

You should implement this strategy every time you publish a new content on your blog to increase more traffic for your blog.

LinkedIn allows you to add a large number of individuals. But it is perhaps most notable for its ability to post an article. That will be distributed to your connections.

Thus, to attract readers, you post the first few paragraphs of your article. A title that is close but not identical to your article’s title. A great picture, and the phrase “Read more,” which leads the reader to your blog.

Before posting your article, I recommend that you log in (log in and accept) at least 5 minutes before publishing it. People who have recently linked with you will view your profile and, as a result, your most recent article.

3. The Viral Quiz Technique

If you do a good job with a quiz, it can generate a lot of visitors. Even if we don’t do it well.

As evidence, I once took a quiz, asking, “Do you know about all the capitals of American States?” I made at least one error, but the quiz said that I had answered all the questions correct. It has done in order for me to share my achievements and exalt myself within my society.

Yes, when a quiz gives you a high score, you should share it. And it’s becoming increasingly popular.
The greatest quiz plugin I’ve found so far is ARI Stream Quiz, which costs $17 for the pro edition. It works flawlessly and has all the tools necessary to design a personality or culture quiz. That has the potential to go viral.

It’s all about attempting to attract the attention of readers. Please click on Like (on your page) or instantly display your newsletter pop-up on the quiz page to view your results. If anyone interested in seeing the results. Then make them subscribes to your mailing list (connects to Aweber and Mailchimp).

4. Do Guest Posts

Having a blog with little traffic and no comments. Or one that hasn’t been updated in a long time, isn’t going to be of much value to you. As a result, it is vital to target blogs that have at least 20,000 visitors every month. Check with Similar Web (it’s not 100 percent reliable. But if a blog is shown as having 5,000 visitors per month, it’s evident that it doesn’t have 20,000) to see if this is the case.

Similarly, a blog that receives no comments on any of its entries. Implies that it is not drawing dedicated and engaged readers. A lot of traffic will not be generated for you by articles. That you only skim through or that you don’t read thoroughly enough!

So, unless you are already well-known, asking to contribute a guest post. Without first submitting your own article is unlikely to be accepted by the host blogger. It is essential that you have written the article and you have it read straight to the audience. If the blogger isn’t interested in posting your piece. Then try submitting it somewhere else. Do not be afraid to inquire about the reason for the refusal in passing. It is possible that you made a mistake that you should not repeat.

5. Build your Email List

We’ll say it again and again: your mailing list is the most significant feature of your blog. Because this list allows you to sell your products to your subscribers. And all these traffic generating strategies have one final goal to increase the number of subscribers.

Never let visitors go from your website. Offer them some freebie and get the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter. Also, when they arrive (they want to read the material). They are less likely to sign up than when they leave. People who register at the end of their stay are more likely to be engaged. Than those who register to get rid of the popup.

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Dead link checker allows you to enter the URLs of your favorite blogs and attempt to insert yourself. Where the links are no longer active. However, once you have managed to secure a link on a large blog. You will receive the ultimate boost for your content. Because of an extremely well-optimized semantic context.

Featured Snippets are highlighted at the top of Google’s organic search results pages. They are sometimes presented in the form of bulleted lists, an insert with a glossary. A frequently asked questions section, or even a comparison table.

These snippets provide brief answers to the most common questions. Which are frequently preceded by questions such as “who, what, where, why, and how.”

What is the best way to develop content that is optimised to show in rich snippets?

  • Ask questions in the form of headings and subheadings, and then respond in a succinct and brief manner.
  • When feasible, make use of bulleted or numbered lists to organise your information.
  • Improve your headline writing skills by focusing on search intent.
  • Opt for long tail keywords.


It is guaranteed that you would get results if you try all of the aforementioned techniques. If you work on them consistently you are even set to get some long term traffic on your blog. Making money from a blog within 6 months is difficult but not impossible. If you feel that we have missed any technique then feel free to mention it down in the comments section below.

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