10 Tools To Build a 6 Figure Online Business (Online tools for small business)

10 Tools To Build a 6 Figure Online Business

Today we’re going to walk through the 10 tools to build a 6 Figure Online Business that I use to run my profitable online business. So if you’re looking for tools to help you run your business more efficiently. Then these 10 tools will be tremendously helpful regardless of the business that you are running. I can guarantee you that at least one of these tools if not all of them will bring you tremendous value. It helps you make more money, help you stress less, and do things more efficiently.

These tools will help regardless of what business you’re running. And they will be game changing in terms of running things as well as scaling. So let’s get right into the tools.

10 Tools To Build a 6 Figure Online Business


Notion is a collaboration platform that combines productivity and workflow. It has mind-mapping tool, the flexibility of a wiki, the speed of a text editor, and the database capabilities of a CRM. It offers a modified version of markdown. And allows you to format text, create lists, tables, and images without leaving your editor.

It also offers a variety of formatting options to enhance the readability of your text. Such as the ability to bold text by surrounding it with double asterisks instead of using bold text. Notion provides the tools you need to manage your projects, your team, and your workflow. So you can focus on getting work done.

I strongly recommend checking this tool if you haven’t already. I think you will fall in love with it as I did. The primary functions that I’m using the notion for are task management, note-taking as well as organizing the entire business. It is a system that we need in place to bring people on, keep them happy and keep tasks flowing through. And keeping our clients happy as well.


You also need a way to communicate with your employees on the go. When things do come up or to solve problems as they do day to day and to do that I use a tool called slack.

You’ve likely heard of it but if you haven’t really used it. Then you might be missing the go-to communication platform for your business. They also have an awesome free plan that a lot of businesses can probably get away with using.

It allows you to have such an awesome streamlined communication system all within slack. Also, it has a mobile app as well as an app for computers. So regardless of how your employees are working, they can communicate with you in real time.

What I love so much about Slack is the fact that you can make different channels. So you can have different conversations going for specific tasks projects or clients. Thus things don’t get lost in one big flow of communication. You can also choose who’s involved in each channel to make things specific.

Definitely check out slack for team communication. It’s another tool that I use every single day and I truly love it.


The next tool that I use is specific to help people grow and sell through youtube. It is the best toolbox out there specifically for youtube creators. It helps youtube creators and their channels grow which is VidIQ.

VidIQ gives you everything. And more than you would ever need to make proper decisions for growing a channel. And attracting the right audience to your content.

For anybody who’s looking to grow on YouTube, I always say that VidIQ is a must. Download their free version of the chrome extension to get access to their entry level tools. But people use them as they upgrade to the higher ticket plans because they give you so much to work with.


The next tool that I use all the time is a tool called Flick. This is a toolbox geared towards Instagram.
I would say that VidIQ is the best toolbox for youtube creators or anybody looking to grow on youtube. And flick would be that for Instagram specifically.

The app gives you a ton of information and analytics to help grow any account that you’re working with. As well as manage content and soon you’ll even be able to post and schedule content through Flick.

It makes the difficult task of growing on Instagram easier. You can manage, operate and grow an Instagram account entirely through Flick. And give yourself the best opportunity to remain consistent.

It’s clean and easy to use. It helps us achieve tasks that we’re trying to do faster, more efficiently, and with more analytics. They’re throwing on more and more tools to help us achieve the goal of growing and scaling on Instagram.

If you’re looking to grow on Instagram or if your business is on the Instagram flick is a huge help. I definitely recommend checking it out.

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The next tool is another one that will apply to any sort of business that you’re running. It is a great way to source talent, especially for one-off jobs or tasks. That may come up while running your business.

To do this fast I use a tool called Fiverr. So Fiverr is a two-sided platform. It connects freelancers with people who are looking to hire them for specific work. Within any business there are tasks that do come up that may not fit the skill set of the team. They’re one-off tasks that it wouldn’t make sense to hire someone full-time. Or even on a contract basis for it. It’s kind of a little one-off task or a one-time project.

Fiverr is the place to go for such needs. It connects you to so many freelancers you can see reviews and their past work. You can definitely find someone who will do the job very well. And also give you a very detailed time frame on how long that task is actually going to take. So if it’s a one-off job you’re looking for Fiverr is absolutely the place to do it.

It’s very intuitive, simple, and easy to use and you can find almost any tasks that you want to be done. You can find someone through Fiverr. Who’s willing to do it quickly, efficiently, and at a pretty affordable price. Especially for one-off work that you need fast.

Upwork And Onlinejobs.ph

Fiverr is perfect for those one-off jobs or tasks that it wouldn’t make sense to bring someone on the team for. But if you are looking to expand out your team for more of an ongoing employee or an ongoing contractor. I use different platforms and tools to find these people. The ones that I primarily use are Upwork and onlinejobs.ph

Upwork is a massive platform that connects a ton of people looking for work either on a project or on a contract. Or on an ongoing basis with people looking to hire. But this is a great place to find ongoing people far more so than Fiverr.

Fiverr is far more gig related or like one-off tasks. Whereas Upwork is a great place to find someone ongoing.

You can actually put up ads saying you’re looking to hire someone full-time. And you’re going to get someone who will have that kind of availability. Upwork can connect you to so many talented people and it’s much authority driven.

Over there they’re building out a catalog of their work so you can actually go and see that. Also, you can see the reviews that they’ve received. So you can feel comfortable that you’re hiring someone who actually has the skillset. That you’re looking for.

On the other hand onlinejobs.ph is connecting you with people looking for work remotely in the Philippines. This is a fantastic resource for hiring more so virtual assistants. Or more of the tasks that it’s less skilled based. Typically they usually have more of a general skillset. Which you can offset more tedious or less expensive tasks for them. Thus you don’t have to spend time doing that while running your business.

Small Comparison Between Upwork and Onlinejobs.ph

A fantastic resource to hire Ongoing TalentA fantastic resource for Virtual Assistant
Best for Highly SkilledIt is for lower Level Task
Best for Team Member


The next tool is Canva on my list. So I’m sure you’ve heard of Canva at this point. But it is one of the best and easiest to use graphic design software out there. It’s all through your computer or your phone so you can do this wherever you are.

You can edit and create stunning content all through Canva to fit any sort of graphic design need. They’re also incorporating more and more video functionality as well.

It’s not as comprehensive as the Adobe suite for editing content and creating content. But in terms of approachability, it is so easy to use and very intuitive. Well, it’s a fantastic place to start and typically if you’re a one-man team or you’re a small team. Then I strongly recommend using a tool like Canva.

Because it is intuitive it has so many built in templates. And you can also buy templates specific to your needs to make designing. If you’re looking for graphic design and help to make your own stuff Canva is worth looking into.


The next tool is a chrome extension and also an app and it is called Loom. So what loom allows you to do is conduct a screen recording as well as a video looking at you. Also capturing the audio so you can walk through a task. Or you can help people finish something or explain something with ease. It’s a lot more like a person-to-person contact because it has both vantage points.

You can use this to create systems, help educate employees or solve problems as they come up. It’s so much faster and you can also track if people have actually watched it or not. It’s also great for managing the team and how people are really performing. And how committed they are in terms of solving the current problem.

But I have found this to be so helpful, especially for visual learners. Because you can actually walk them through step by step or explain something in real time. It allows people to learn a lot faster.

There is a free as well as a paid plan depending on how many loom videos you’re looking to send out.

Google Drive

As you’re building out different assets and files you need a place to store all these files. So that you don’t lose them. You can find them later for future use. I use google drive as my content or file management system. It’s inexpensive and it’s also built into the whole Google ecosystem so that’s what I use for my email as well. It makes a ton of sense to store all your files in there. As well as create a flow or a system of where to put different assets.

Having one place to send all the content and the assets makes it very easy to organize. You can check your files later if something ever does come up it’s great to have it in all one place. Plus it’s saved to the cloud so that way you don’t have to worry about the storage. Or your computer gets corrupted and you lose things. So it’s also a great place to additionally save any sort of files that you may need to run your business.

It’s not the only provider of cloud storage solutions. But there are tons of different options out there. I use it often because I’ve found it very simple to use. I also love that it’s built into the whole Gmail experience. It’s smooth and a great place to store your documents.


The next tool may not sound super obvious. But especially for an industry that’s changing and evolving.
You should give your employees every advantage they can get. And how you can do that with the online skill set is by having a skillshare subscription. So buy one for the entire team and share the login credentials. So they can go in and actually take courses that fit their task. Or their role within the agency to improve on those unique skills.

This is great if you’re running an online business. Because almost any online skill is there has a course on it within skillshare. You can actually go make different lists of courses. So you can assign specific courses to an employee that you have. It’s also a great way to keep them motivated because they’re upping their skillset, so everybody wins.

Skillshare subscription is a fairly affordable way to improve the skill set of your team. As well as the product that you’re providing to your clients or customers. So definitely worth checking!

You should always prioritize education to keep your business moving forward.

Final Thoughts

These are the 10 Tools To Build a 6 Figure Online Business. I use these tools almost every single day to run my profitable social media agency. But I would love to hear from you at this point. are there any tools that I didn’t cover that I should check out or other people? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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