10 Best Sites to Get Paid to Click Links and Ads

10 Best Sites to Get Paid to Click Links and Ads

So you want to earn extra cash? You’re not alone. And it’s easier than ever. With the ongoing pandemic and a global recession, many people have turned to earn some extra money from home. Luckily, there are plenty of PTC (Paid To Click) websites that allow you to make money by clicking on ads and links online.

While there are plenty of legitimate sites out there, there are also some scam sites. So it’s important to do your research before signing up for any PTC sites. We’ve found 10 great sites that will help you earn some extra cash—let’s take a look at them!

1. Invisibly

Invisibly is here to help you make money with your phone in a way that feels fun and easy. Whether you’re answering surveys, interacting with the Invisibly feed, or looking for some new products. They’re just a bunch of nerds who want to make sure they’re treating their users right. Also, want to make sure you understand how the points-earning process works.

Here’s how it works: You earn points every time you interact with the Invisibly feed. You can earn up to 20 each day, and every 100 points equal $1. The Invisibly feed is AI-powered. It will show you what kind of products interest you as you interact with them through clicks, swipes, and taps. They also have surveys and Q&As that will show up in your feed now and then.

You’ll need to have a minimum of 500 points before you can cash out (which is just $5). Once you have hit 500 points, you have two options for cashing out: PayPal or an Amazon gift card code sent via email.


  • Invisibly pays well for user interaction
  • Users get up to 20 points a day when they interact with Invisibly feed
  • Every 100 points equal $1
  • You can cash out at a base minimum of 500 points
  • Users can also answer surveys and Q&As
  • The Invisibly feed is AI-powered so users can earn more points

2. Offernation

Offernation is a website that provides you with easy, fun, and simple ways to earn real money online. All you have to do is sign up for free and start earning money!

When you sign-up with Offernation, you automatically get $0.25 as a sign-up bonus. That’s not all. You get paid between $0.80 to $5 for completing simple tasks. Such as viewing ads and clicking links or completing surveys. The best part is that there are a lot of offers available so you can complete as many as you want and earn more. You can also refer your friends to earn even more money.

Offernation has been around since 2012 and has paid over $1 million to its users to date. Doesn’t it sound like an amazing opportunity? Best of all, they have a dedicated page proving that they pay their users. So it should give you peace of mind before signing up. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!


  • Provides easy methods to earn big
  • You get $0.25 as a sign-up bonus
  • Completing tasks can earn you from $0.80 to $5
  • The most common tasks are surveys, viewing ads and clicking links
  • Offeration has a dedicated page proving that they actually pay
  • They have paid over $1 million to users till date

3. Get-Paid

You do not have to be a genius to succeed financially. You just need Get-Paid! They provide simple pay-out tasks like completing surveys, sweepstakes and contests. Or you can get paid by watching ads.

With their coin system, you’ll earn by the click. They’ll take care of the math. You’ll see all your earnings in one place and when you’re ready to cash out, they’ve got PayPal waiting for you, too.

You can also make money by getting your friends on board with their referral system. You’ll earn 20% of your referrals’ earnings for their first 3 months on Get-Paid. They’ll split it in coins for both of you—you know, so you don’t feel left out or anything. You won’t find a simpler way to make a buck anywhere else online! So come on down to Get-Paid, where they help you make money without even trying!


  • Get-Paid provides simple pay-out tasks
  • It is a pay per click website
  • They use a coin system
  • Tasks include completing surveys, completing sweepstakes and even winning contests
  • They also have a referral system
  • You can even earn 20-30% of your referrals’ earnings
  • Coins can be cashed out with PayPal

4. ScarletClicks

Imagine a world where you could earn money by clicking links and ads. Even completing forms, and referring your friends to do the same.

ScarletClicks has been helping people earn cash like this for over a decade. And in that time, they’ve paid out $2 million to hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life.

How can you get in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? It’s super simple: sign up with your email and create an account. Then start clicking. Each click is worth $0.01, which might not sound like a lot, but add it up over time and you’ll start to see some real numbers! Once your account balance hits $2 (which takes no time at all), you can request a pay-out. Pay-outs are sent via Skrill, PayPal or Bitcoin; whichever you prefer!

In addition to these pay-outs for clicks. ScarletClicks also gives you the chance to earn up to 100% of your referrals’ earnings.


  • ScarletClicks provides the easiest way to earn.
  • They have a minimum payout of $2.
  • Pay-out services include Skrill, PayPal and Bitcoin
  • Tasks include clicking links and ads, completing forms and even referral
  • You can earn $0.01 per click and also up to 100% of your referrals’ earnings
  • They have membership plans for different pay-out levels. Like standard for $5 pay-outs and higher levels for $10-$50 pay-outs.
  • They have paid nearly $2 million to their users till date.

5. NeoBux

When you’re looking for a good way to get paid to click ads, you’ll notice that NeoBux is the first and most popular option. But why? What makes it the standout winner?

Well, the first thing is that there’s no limit on how many ads you can click. You can click every ad in every category as many times as you want. If you have time to do it—you’ll make money! It’s also got a minimum payout of $2, but if you choose to upgrade your membership, you’ll get paid a lot more per click.

Upgrading your membership is something that NeoBux encourages its members to do. For $90 a year, your earnings will go up dramatically from around $0.015 per click to $0.04 per click. That’s more than double what it was before. It means that with only 50 clicks on ads per day, you could make around $600 in one year. If you’re looking for a fun way to earn some extra cash, NeoBux is clearly the way to go.


  • NeoBux offers membership plans which determine how much you earn
  • Ads, surveys and earnings depend on your membership plans
  • The free plan gets you around $0.015 per link click
  • There’s no limit to ad clicks
  • NeoBux also has a gold membership which costs $90 a year and lets you earn a lot more
  • The pay-out is just $2
  • Pay-outs are only available via Skrill or Neteller

6. ySense

There are tons of get-paid-to websites out there, but some of them can be shady. They won’t pay you for your work or, worse, they’ll steal your information. But there is one site that you can trust ySense.

ySense is owned by Prodege LLC, which also owns Swagbucks and InboxDollars. All three sites have a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable for extra cash. But ySense is the best one to use because it has the most tasks available. You can make money by clicking on ads, filling out online forms, answering Q&As, downloading apps, and even signing up for different websites.

Users have reported earning over $10 a day on this website! So if you feel like having fun and making a little cash at the same time, take a look at ySense. You will absolutely not regret it!


  • It’s the most reliable pay per click websites
  • ySense is owned by Prodege which owns Swagbucks and InboxDollars
  • Tasks include clicking on ads, filling out online forms and Q&As
  • ySense also pays for downloading apps and signing into different websites
  • Users can earn up to $10 a day
  • Surveys and ads are never-ending

7. Swagbucks

We love Swagbucks! It’s a great way to earn rewards for everyday activities.

Although we don’t want to make it sound like Swagbucks is a miracle worker—it’s not. In short, it’s an online platform that has many ways to earn. Through activities like watching ads, clicking emails, taking surveys and playing games.

But we know you’re here because you want to know what Swagbucks can do for you. We’re going to start with the first thing that offers cashback. You can use your points and get cashback to use as you wish. Including donating it to charity or using it towards your next purchase at Amazon or Walmart.

Once you accumulate 5,000 points, you’ll be able to redeem them for a $5 gift card! That’s a pretty big deal when compared with other sites that offer comparable prizes. Also, other than gift cards, you can also encash your pay-outs through PayPal.


  • Swagbucks offers multiple unique ways to earn
  • It’s very versatile and is AI based
  • It has offered $532 million in cash and gift cards till date
  • You can earn through activities like watching ads, clicking emails, taking surveys, playing games, or even searching the web
  • Swagbucks sends promotional emails through which you can earn
  • Pay-outs can be received through PayPal or gift cards

8. InboxDollars

Have you heard of InboxDollars? They’re a pretty cool company that pays you to read emails. Oh, wait! I’m forgetting to mention: they pay you… with cash!

Now, we’re not usually fans of this kind of “work” since it’s usually something that’s pretty easy to DIY. But InboxDollars is different—they have a system in place which makes their work very easy and fun. So if you’re interested in making money by reading email, InboxDollars might be for you.

This is how it works: every day you get an email from them with a list of emails for you to read and answer. Every time you answer one of these emails and make it to the end, you get paid. You can also choose to answer a survey or play games or click ads.

For example, if they send an email asking if their customers are willing to pay more for quality products. If they are, then they’d love some feedback on the subject (and would pay $0.10 for each person who takes the survey). Or if they need more people to test their new product, they’ll offer $0.05 for each person who plays the game and answers.


  • InboxDollars is a GPT site
  • It’s very versatile and offers many different ways to earn
  • Pay-outs can be encashed through PayPal or even gift cards
  • InboxDollars send you emails and you are paid to read them
  • Other methods of earning include playing games, taking surveys and clicking ads
  • It’s a legit website that has paid out in millions till date

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9. Bux Inc.

Bux Inc. is a very famous PTC (Pay to Click) website that pays members a commission on every ad they click on. The website currently has over 1,00,000 active members. You get paid when you click on affiliate ads and links. There are a limited number of ads that you can click in a day. You can even earn cash if you navigate through an advertiser’s website for 30 secs.

You may be wondering how you can make money with Bux Inc. But luckily, we’ve got a few tips for you. The tasks generally involve a pretty decent pay-out; but, some tasks need you to pay money to make money. And the best part? Some of the tasks involved with Bux Inc. can bring in an average pay-out of up to $10 per hour!

Furthermore, Bux Inc. has an excellent reputation for offering high-quality work with high-quality results. It has been a tremendous success since its inception in 2008!


  • Bux Inc. is a very famous PTC (Pay to Click) website
  • Currently, it has over 1,00,000 members
  • You get paid when you click on affiliate ads and links
  • There are a limited number of ads that you can click in a day
  • You can even earn cash if you navigate through an advertisers website for 30 secs
  • Each task generally involves a pretty decent pay-out
  • Some tasks however require you to pay money to make money

10. Ojooo WAD

Ojooo WAD is a video advertisement monetization platform that aims to give users the opportunity to earn via viewing video ads. The main way to earn is by watching video ads, which are built into the platform and can be viewed from within a browser. Users can easily earn up to $0.04 per click/view and the minimum payout threshold is quite low—$2.

The platform is easy to use and requires little to no tech-savvy knowledge. It’s available in many countries, including the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Currently, it’s only available in English, but its developers plan on making it available in more languages over time.


  • The main way to earn is by watching video ads
  • Users can easily earn up to $0.04 per click/view
  • The minimum payout threshold is quite low ($2)
  • Pay-out methods include PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin
  • Other tasks which can earn you cash include signing up for websites, playing games and taking online quizzes

Final Thought

So, these were the top 10 websites that could help you make a few quick bucks as a side hustle. However, some of the tasks in these apps do need you to spend money to earn money. But, the earning potential is quite a lot. Especially, if you are a college student who is looking to earn a few hundred dollars as a side income. These 10 apps are surely a boon!

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